The Air Conditioning Company Overview

The company, O Brien air conditioning, was founded in 1950 by Thomas Brien. The first units that were sold were installed in a warehouse by Brien and his son, Bernard.

Air Conditioning Company

The company expanded when more space became available in the warehouse and the company began production of their first air conditioning unit. OBrien began selling its products to retail stores in the United Kingdom and throughout Europe.

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Because of the success of the OBrien Company, they began developing and selling air conditioning units for homes in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, France, and Germany air conditioning Kingsford. OBrien began building commercial-sized units to be used by banks and other large corporations but eventually built smaller home units.

When the company first began selling air conditioning systems for residential use, the homeowner models were very elaborate with many different features. Today, however, the homeowner models are still quite elaborate with many additional features.

With the help of a trained salesman, most homeowners are able to install their own unit. OBrien also offers a wide range of accessories such as window shades, dehumidifiers, and even water dispensers.

With a strong commitment to service, OBrien air conditioning sales have been steady throughout the years. They continue to build on their standing as one of the best-known names in home cooling and are continually expanding their product line to include models for commercial applications. As the demand for air conditioning continues to grow, OBrien will no doubt expand its offerings to meet the needs of any customer.

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