How to Become a Close Protection Bodyguard

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One of the most basic and common questions about how to become a close protection bodyguard is how to determine the level of training and security clearance needed for this profession. The reality is that there are many variables that will have to be considered before one can arrive at any conclusion as to what level of training and security clearance will be needed. The purpose of this article is to educate potential Close Protection Officers (CPOs) on the various types of courses and seminars available to help them better understand how to become a close protection bodyguard.

Close Protection Bodyguard

As with any profession that involves protective security, the training courses and seminars that are available vary and should be reviewed in detail with the prospective close protection officer diplomatic close protection officer. The courses and seminars range anywhere from five days to two weeks and will have varying levels of involved training in both the physical aspects of being a close protection officer and the psychological aspects of the job. The first two weeks will focus on the physical training and application of techniques such as chokeholds, arm grabs, eye gouges, and the more technical types of techniques such as shooting guns and riot dispersal devices. The second week will focus on the psychological aspects of the job such as mental preparation and de-arresting or interrogation techniques.

A typical course will consist of learning the proper techniques for wearing body armor, weapon storage, weapon concealment, weapon use, first aid procedures, weapon disposal, and more. It will also cover tactical issues such as crowd control, communication, psychological tactics, and how to deal with various problems such as hostile situations and hostile personnel. This is not to say that a person cannot take the course if they so choose, it is important to note that attending these types of courses will entail a financial outlay.

Final Words

These courses can take anywhere from one hundred fifty dollars to over one thousand dollars, depending on the specific seminar or course that is being taken. There are many online sources and books available that will help a person to learn the skills needed to become a close protection bodyguard. For those wanting to protect their family and loved ones, these services may be the answer to a life of the security.

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