How Do You Find the Best Electric Skateboard For Beginners?

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What’s the best electric skateboard for beginners? There are a few different factors you should consider before buying your first board top¬†electric skateboards. One of those factors is safety. Longboarding is a great sport, but it takes an extra bit of skill to make it fun without danger. Beginner riders need to take extra precautions in order to keep themselves safe and learn the basics of riding.

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Top 10 Electric Longboard for Beginners: Longboards have become more popular as of late, partly because of the growing interest in the sport among non-beginners. These longboards are ideal for beginners because they are relatively easy to ride.

Find the Best Electric Skateboard

They have a very low maximum weight (which makes them good for kids and for those who need to wait for less than a hundred pounds for basic usage). Maximum weight is important because it enables you to find a skateboard that is most comfortable for you. Safety features on these longboards are plentiful, including a strong wheelbase, wide wheelbase, and anti-tip wheels for maximum grip.

Longboard Brands

Longboard brands to consider include the Alouette, which makes two different models; the Enigma, which is geared towards beginners; and the Electra, which has everything that makes a longboard great, minus the electronics.

Alouette has two different longboard series, the cruiser and the commuter, with the cruiser being more longboard-style than athletic. Its grip tape is made out of a special maple wood deck which provides grip even under high winds. If you’re looking for something with better grip tape, go for the Electra.

In addition to longboards, there are two separate categories of electric skateboards for beginners, speed or sports hybrid. The first is geared towards increased performance as well as agility. It still includes a high maximum speed board but the difference is that the center of gravity is lower, so your turns are not as powerful as if you were using a traditional skateboard. In order to make up for this, the skateboard does not have a front wheel drive.

The second type is made for increased weight. This heavier deck weighs between twenty-five to thirty-five pounds, depending on the model. Most of these are powered by a nine volt battery pack, which should be recharged between eight to ten watts. These boards can reach speeds of fifteen to twenty miles per hour, which means they can be perfect for beginners just starting out or weekend riders who want to cruise smoothly down the neighborhood streets.

Both these skateboards, the cruiser and the commuter, include a center of gravity shift to the tail which makes it easier to change directions. The cruiser is probably the best for beginners, as the weight is much higher than the sport’s minimum weight.

Final Words

The sport’s maximum weight, meanwhile, is forty pounds, which is also considerably lower than the average adult weight. The newest generation of electric skateboards for beginners includes both a battery pack and a charger, allowing for longer trips and longer excursions with greater ease.

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