Why Choose a Home Medical Alert System?

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With advances in medical alert technology, emergency situations have been made more responsible and safe. It is no longer acceptable for the family or friends of an elderly person suffering from a medical condition to do nothing and hope that he or she will still make it to the hospital when help arrives. This is why medical alert devices have become such a vital part of medical care, as well as civil protection, for senior citizens.

Home Medical Alert System

They provide a higher level of safety and security than other methods available. The medical alert systems provide not only an immediate alert to designated personnel but also information about your condition so that other healthcare providers can contact you and begin treatment immediately.

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A medical alert system typically consists of a portable monitor bracelet or necklace and a central base unit. These items may be worn like a regular bracelet or necklace, or you can tie them directly to your personal key chain or belt. The base is usually secured in place with a clip or other fastener, while the monitor is worn like a necklace around your neck. In the event of the wearer’s demise, the device automatically transfers control of the “base” to a trusted friend or family member. Medical alert systems provide the added security of knowing that those you care for are capable of quickly responding to your emergency needs.

When you purchase a medical alert system, you choose the kind of base unit that you want and the kind of monitor that you want. You also choose a response center that will contact you in real time, whether by cellular or land line phone. (This response center should be staffed by medical professionals who are specially trained to handle medical emergencies.) Your base unit will contain all of the features that you need, and you will select a response center that stores your data in a secure online location. You can then choose your monitoring options.

Most medical alert systems offer both cellular and landline communications capabilities. These two types of technology allow for the quick and reliable transfer of data from your base unit, via your cellular receiver, to your monitoring site. Depending on the system that you purchase, your medical alert company may allow you to send text messages, call your friends and family, or even make use of your computer’s camera display to view and respond to your emergency calls. Text and video messages can be stored in your medical alert’s memory, and you can retrieve them from your mobile device at a later time.

When it comes to two-way communication between your medical care provider and your family members or friends, you can’t beat an Internet connection. With your home medical alert system, you can access your account from anywhere in the world where an Internet connection is available. If you have a cell phone, you can also use text messaging and other similar applications to send instant messages to friends and family. This type of two-way communication has made life significantly easier for medical professionals for decades, and with the evolution of this type of technology, it is likely to only get better.

In addition to the benefits that come with two-way communication, you can expect your home medical alert system to provide other benefits as well. For example, most systems include a fall detection system as well as an audible alarm. Falls are one of the most common reasons why people call the authorities for help.

By providing your visitors with an audible alarm, you can provide them with a clear and reliable warning if they need to seek immediate medical attention. The presence of an easy-to-read fall detection LED display panel will ensure that there is no confusion about what is causing the alarm. Your system can alert your emergency personnel immediately, which can mean the difference between getting your patients safely transported to a medical facility, and sending them in the care of the professionals.

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