The Universal Declaration of Human Rights – An International Human Rights Law

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Un international human rights law is an area of study which studies human rights from a global perspective human rights law toronto. This law is largely concerned with the promotion of human rights around the world and the protection of those rights from violation by the state, non-state and even international organizations and groups.

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The field of un international human rights law was created to complement and strengthen the work of the U.S. human rights field and to draw out the aspects of this field, which were not well understood in the U.S. The main areas of focus in the field of un-hrch law include: international religious freedom; political and social freedom; economic and social rights; and individual and collective rights.

An International Human Rights Law

Un-hrch human rights law is an attempt by scholars to bring together different strands of thought on human rights and universal human rights law. For example, in the areas of cultural diversity and religious freedom, different analysts have offered varying explanations for each. The common factor, however, is the universal principle of equal treatment and freedom from discrimination regardless of culture, religion or country. This principle is what makes the universal principles of human rights applicable to all people, regardless of race, tribe or color. Another area of debate within the field of un-human rights law is that between the right of the states to institute laws that respect their culture and restrict freedom of expression and association, along with the right of individuals to peacefully assemble and peacefully protest against such laws or policies.

Final Words

Another important strand of debate is the extent to which cultural diversity and religion should be protected under the universal declaration of human rights. Many scholars have argued that the universal declaration does not adequately recognize the unique cultures and traditions of the different nations and entities of the world. Other human rights advocates argue that protection is needed only for women and children. The final view is that human rights should be universally defined so that there can be consistency in the application of human rights laws among diverse societies and cultures.

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