Stucco Contractors Is Changing the Way That Exterior Walls Are Resolved

Whether you have an established home or addition which needs stucco restoration work or you just want to have more natural stucco repaired on your home, you’re likely going to be seeking out the top stucco contractors around the Maryland and Washington, DC region stucco contractor. The fact is, if you don’t hire a stucco contractor when you’ve got a stucco job, it could turn out to be extremely costly.

Even though most homeowners know the basics of stucco maintenance and repair, many people don’t realize how important it is to get professional help right from the start.

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The reason for this is that while most homeowners know how to coat their stucco with a good protective coating, few truly know how to make sure the stucco is protected from all sorts of problems. Whether you’re dealing with small chips or larger cracks, having repairs done by a trained professional could save you money in the long run.

The first thing that you should look for in stucco contractors is experience. Although many people would assume that experience is something that only comes along after years of working in the construction industry, it’s not the case with stucco contractors. Experienced contractors have spent years learning about stucco, so they’re able to recognize the various problems that may crop up with time and know what to look for as well.

Additionally, some types of work can only be done by trained professionals, so getting a stucco contractor with experience is crucial. On your way to finding the right contractor, ask to see a portfolio of previous work. If a stucco contractor has built many homes, their portfolio will contain examples of both old and new homes that they’ve worked on.

Most stucco contractors will also have samples of their work. Ask if they’ll provide you with a handful of samples for you to look over before making a final decision. In addition to looking at samples, siding and insulation board designs will be important factors in deciding which contractor you want to work with. If the samples don’t fully meet your needs, then you’ll have to go out of your way to find someone who does. Keep in mind that different siding and insulation board patterns require different skill sets.

Some stucco contractors are also familiar with traditional stucco products such as shake and mastic. If you’re planning on using traditional stucco for your new home, make sure to let the contractor know so that they can quote you properly. This will ensure that you’re getting exactly the product that you’re paying for.

Many siding products nowadays are created from materials that are stronger and more durable than the traditional stucco products of the past. This means that you might have to look at several stucco samples before making a final decision.

With stucco, the texture and chemical composition is typically either Portland cement or mortar. Depending on how much work the contractors will be doing, they’ll be using either one of these as their main material. As you walk through the stucco house or building, ask about the different options that are available and about the different options for different types of stucco. If you’re going with a more traditional stucco product for your new home, then there will likely be a coat process that they’ll use where they apply the stucco first, build up a layer, and then apply a second layer after stucco has set.

There are several additional coat processes available that stucco contractors may use when dealing with stucco repairs. However, if you’re looking at new installations of stucco on your home, then you’ll likely have to select one of these coat processes yourself.

For many stucco repairs, it’s best to contact an experienced stucco contractor that is familiar with the product and all of the different coatings. When you work with an experienced professional that understands the product, then you can rest assured that they will understand how to properly repair your home, especially if there is more than one layer of stucco involved.

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