Park Hill House Cleaning Service

“Maid Sailors”, otherwise known as ” Staten Island maids” are New York’s premier cleaning service. For decades, they have provided cleaning services to thousands of residential customers and rental properties across Staten Island. They cater to all needs related to residential cleaning including exterior cleaning, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, and emergency clean-up.

House Cleaning Service

Maids are professionally trained and can provide a wide range of services, specializing in the type of cleaning required for residential or commercial buildings. The maids will first assess the cleaning situation of a building and then make a personal, detailed schedule based on the needs of the individual building. All maid services are committed to providing each customer with a personal, courteous, and professional cleaning experience.

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Park Hill House Cleaning Service is a family-run business that was started in 1970 by Frank Santo Spatafore. In the beginning, the company provided only window cleaning services. Today, they offer a complete line of professional cleaning services for both commercial and residential buildings Cleaning Company. This local cleaning service has been able to maintain a consistently high level of customer satisfaction, thanks to its commitment to superior service and quality products.

Park Hill House Cleaning Service works closely with major retailers and manufacturers to provide them with the highest quality cleaning products. Every product used by Maid cleaners is approved by the manufacturer to ensure the highest safety standards are met.

Commercial cleaning products are manufactured and processed under very strict guidelines established by OSHA. All cleaning products are tested on a continual basis to ensure their effectiveness and long-lasting performance. Maid cleaning services also offer a comprehensive collection of window cleaning products to meet every customer’s specific needs.

Park Hill House Cleaning Service offers a full array of commercial cleaning services to meet the needs of any commercial cleaning provider. In addition to residential cleaning, they provide a comprehensive collection of window cleaning services, including vinyl cleaning, carpet cleaning, window tinting, sash cleaning, window washing, and all other aspects of window maintenance.

Maid services also offer a full inventory of commercial cleaning supplies. This includes everything from basic office cleaning supplies to specialty cleaners for highly sensitive areas such as windows and glass. Maid cleaning services understand that each building is unique, so every cleaning service is custom-tailored to each location.

Maid services also understand how important it is to maintain a good reputation within the community. Therefore, Park Hill House Cleaning Service continually takes steps to ensure that they have a positive public image.

By continually posting positive pictures and information about themselves on the Internet, they are spreading the word about their services. They work hard to make sure that no Park Hill House Cleaning Service customer feels like they have been neglected or treated unfairly. Their commitment to customer satisfaction extends to all of the employees who perform their daily tasks. All employees are thoroughly trained and monitored.

As one of only a few janitorial companies in the UK that specialize in residential and commercial cleaning, Park Hill House Cleaning Service prides itself on its commitment to customer care.

If you are looking for a local Park Hill House Cleaning Service, be sure to do thorough research of all the options available to you. Although you can always visit their website for more information, you can also check out some of the excellent customer testimonials available. We’re sure you’ll be impressed.

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