Indian Coins Names and Values

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Indian coins are very unique in their history and culture. In the monetary system of India, a coin is defined as an instrument or collateral that secures legal claims (webs) on real property, including government bonds, currency and bank deposits. Coins play a major role in the Indian economy as they act as the universal unit of currency.

Indian Coins

There are various issues related to Indian coins such as the denomination, value, weight, metal content, portrait, and so forth. The most popular Indian coins are the Indian rupee, Indian pug, English crown, the British sovereign, Chinese dragons, Egyptian scarabs, and so forth.

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Today, there are various companies which help in the business of numismatic coins. They also help in coin collection, restoration, appraisal and many other related aspects custom coins info. The business of numismatic coins has gained immense popularity in India and a large number of people have started this business.

Indian coins have quite shaped the monetary system of the country as they are the only currency in the country that is not based on weights and measurements. On the other hand, English coins are based on weight and measurements and they too are widely used throughout the world. Besides, they have also played a vital role in shaping the history of the UK as well. Most of the British monarchs started their reign by wearing Indian coins.

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