How to Take Care of Your Leather Motorcycle Apparel

Riding motorcycles has always been synonymous with sporting leather. Your bike coat and all your accessories, such as chaps, gloves, boots, and saddlebags are likely made of leather men’s messenger bags australia. Besides style, leather is the best protective cloth that bikers can wear in the event of a crash. Since leather is a huge portion of your bike accessories, you need to give it the exact same amount of attention and care that you give your bike.

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Leather can have a long life if you properly maintain your leather goods. Luckily, caring for leather goods is not hard. With appropriate cleaning and upkeep, your leather can last indefinitely.

Leather Motorcycle Apparel Review

You generally clean your leather goods by hand so use cleansers that were designed especially for motorcycle leather (especially one that is not acidic). These cleaning compounds may strip your leather of the natural oils that are essential for maintaining its glow. You should also refrain from using saddle soaps in your bike gear. These soaps are far more commonly used for tanning leather not cleaning it.

When cleaning your leather, then start with vacuuming or blowing off all of the loose dirt and debris from the surface. This prevents scratches caused by rough particles rubbing the material when you wipe it with a cloth. For general cleaning use a moist cloth to wipe down the whole surface of your motorcycle apparel then allow the material to air dry.

Don’t attempt and hasten the drying process by using hair dryers or heaters. This may cause the material to dry too quickly and crack. In case you’ve got a spot that won’t come out with a damp cloth, apply a leather-specific soap directly immediately and again let it air dry.

If your leather starts to dry out despite routine cleaning, apply a thin coat of petroleum jelly on the whole surface of the item and allow it to completely dry before using it again. Your bike apparel is not naturally water resistant. If you believe you’ll be wearing your leather accessories in a damp climate, you should waterproof your own leather. When leather becomes wet, it may dry out and crack.


If you’re planning on storing your motorcycle leather gear for any duration of time, wrap the things in fabric instead of nonporous plastic. You need to allow leather to breathe for it to retain its natural look and feel. If a piece of your leather bike equipment gets wrinkled, hang it up, and allow the wrinkles to fall out naturally. Ironing or flowing leather can dry out the natural oil from the fabric.

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