Fort Wayne Roofing & Sheet Metal Corp

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The Fort Wayne roofing & sheet metal work has been providing customers with the highest quality metal roofing products for over sixty years. “We have always maintained a high standard of customer service and an equally high standard of what our products can do,” says president Ray Hoover.

Fort Wayne Roofing

“That’s why we are so pleased and confident in the products that our customers choose to protect their investment and fort wayne roofers extend their life expectancy.” “We firmly believe in the science of thermodynamics,” continues Mr. Hoover. “When a material’s temperature is higher than its conductivity, it will not conduct heat, so we avoid using materials that are rated at or just below the maximum rating for both temperature and conductivity.”

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“The way a roof protects a home from weather and utility damage is as important as the materials it is made of,” says Mr. Richard J. Frick, vice president of Fort Wayne Roofing & Sheet Metal Corp. “We believe our customers get the most value for their money by purchasing a high quality roof, strong installation and consistent maintenance from our talented installation engineers and roofers.”

The main strength of Fort Wayne Railing & Sheet Metal Corp.’s roofing products is the premium quality sheets that they produce. Each sheet is guaranteed to be the correct weight for the home it is being installed on. When the sheets are delivered to the installation site, they are pre-cut to custom fit the roof.

All of the materials are shipped in unmarked boxes for easy gathering and unpacking at the final destination. Fort Wayne Railing & Sheet Metal Corp. also offers a full line of metal building products for residential and commercial applications. Their metal roofing products are designed to last for many years and require minimal maintenance.

Fort Wayne roofing products are environmentally friendly. All of the metals used in their products have been recycled. They have used low or no VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) and emit no emissions during installation or maintenance. These two features make Fort Wayne metal roofing the best in the business and make it a popular choice for both new and existing residential and commercial buildings.

Fort Wayne roofing is committed to excellent customer service. Their skilled workers will carefully measure the roof of the structure to ensure the best possible fit with the materials. Once the sheet metal has been cut to the correct length, it is hand rolled into the proper diameter, which assures excellent structural integrity. Once this is complete, the metal is prepared for installation. This process takes Fort Wayne no time at all and is very reliable in the long run.

For any industrial or commercial application, there are few better products available. Fort Wayne metal roofing products are durable, lightweight, rust-proof, easily installed, and maintainable.

There are also many colors to choose from, so the application of these products is easy no matter the industry. Choose from a full spectrum of colors and make your investment in steel one of the most reliable and long-lasting available.

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