Extreme Durability From Railblaza

New Zealand-made C-LUG Kayak and Canoe SandTrampoline are setting new benchmarks with their sleek style and engineering genius. C-LUG SandTrampoline is an above-ground swimming pool and exercise equipment that fold into a neat, easy-to-carry case.


When it comes to maneuvering heavier loads over difficult sand, longer straight track wheels are usually not necessarily better. Bulldozer and military vehicles use longer tracks, reducing the likelihood of them digging into the sand which can damage expensive equipment.

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The C-LUG kayak hatch makes transport of bikes, canoes, wheelchairs, exercise vehicles, and other recreational vehicles quick and easy. These open kayaks have strong, sturdy wheels that make them ideal to transport.

Made of heavy-duty, powder-coated aluminum, these railblaza tantrums are tough and flexible enough to withstand frequent cycles of being folded and unfolded Railblaza Accessories. In the meantime, the C-LUG can be stored in a small space, which makes it ideal for storage during rough weather conditions.

Extremely durable, the C-LUG kayak wheels have puncture-proof wheels that make them virtually immune to punctures, even after being repeatedly slammed in a soft sandy area.

The hard, rubber outer rim is designed to withstand repeated slamming, ensuring your C-LUG’s reliable performance for years to come. These rugged, puncture-free wheels also reduce the risk of damaging your kayak when they get wet.

For easy storage, the railblaza c-tug wheels easily attach to most kayaks via its durable nylon tie-down strap. The strap is securely held in place by ergonomic shoulder straps, making it very comfortable to carry. These wheels also have side handles to make it more ergonomically convenient to push or pull the wheels. These kayaks have recessed mounting rails, allowing you to customize the wheelbase for your specific bow view.

Unlike the average recumbent kayak, the railblaza sandtrakz wheels roll on an open spindle design. This allows the wheels to grip the water as it passes over its two long metal tracks. These tracks, also called ribs, have been designed especially for the extreme conditions found in deep ocean waters, providing a solid base to stand on as you sail silently along the ocean’s surface.

The two outer rim sections of these wheels lock together, ensuring that no moisture can escape from under the rims, which provides a much smoother ride and longer usage time.

If you are looking for a complete kayaking experience, without being bound to a rigid metallic single, the railblaza sandtrakz series is definitely the way to go. These wheels truly live up to their claims of extreme durability, and you will not be disappointed by their performance.

The only real downside to these wheels is if you plan to use them on extremely hard surfaces. With its durability and puncture resistance, the sandrampheta is designed for this type of use, but if you are planning to go off the beaten path and go into rugged waters, you may not want to consider these wheels, as they may not stand up to the abuse.

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