Driving Instructor Salary

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As a driving instructor, you’ll earn a good living by inspiring teen drivers and teaching them how to drive safely. However, you also need to be able to control a car in case of an emergency.


In order to make this work, you’ll need to work around a teen’s schedule and be flexible with your availability. For example, you might prefer to teach in the daytime during summer breaks and on weekends.

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Driving Instructors can expect to earn 1,840 EUR a month, with an increase of 8% over a five-year period. This salary range is also based on years of experience.

A Driving Instructor with less than two years’ experience makes around 760 EUR per month Driving Instructor East London. For someone with five to ten years experience, you’ll earn 1,920 EUR a month. As you gain more experience, your salary can double.

The driving instructor’s salary is dependent on the number of years of experience. The national average is 8% per year, which means that those with less than two years’ experience are likely to earn lower salaries. However, the salary can increase up to six times over.

For example, a Driving Instructor with ten years’ experience will earn up to 2,180 EUR per month. While these salaries may sound low at first, they are certainly well worth it.

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