Do Homeschooling and Unemployment Go Together?

There is a strange link between homeschooling and unemployment art workshops for school student projects. A group of researchers, including myself, have been investigating the impact of homeschooling on the likelihood of a person being unemployed. What they found is that homeschooled children were three times as likely to be unemployed as the average student. So it appears that homeschooling and unemployment go hand in hand.


In a similar vein, a group of researchers has found that homeschooling parents who are unemployed were more likely to home school their children than other parents Plataforma para Homeschooling en México. This suggests that there is a real link between homeschooling and unemployment.

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The connection between homeschooling and unemployment may also be caused by the fact that more moms are returning to school as students get older, and as the economy gets worse. It seems that moms are returning to school in record numbers to improve the economy, which is ironic because what is causing the economy to get worse is the lack of good education. Perhaps, we need to take more of an active role in this country’s education system.

I was a homeschooling parent, until I found out that my daughter’s best friend, her younger brother, had begun homeschooling. We both know how important a homeschooling parent is, and we both felt a sense of relief when we heard that our daughter’s friend had homeschooled his children.

We decided to enroll our son in the same course as our daughter’s friend, so we could help her achieve the same goal. It’s been a wonderful experience so far, and we are both very happy that our daughter is now homeschooled, and that our son is not far behind.

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