Carpet Cleaning Tips For Your Persian Rug

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“Have you had your rugs cleaned before and found out weeks later that they are filled with soap deposits? Then the Dirt Army Carpet Cleaning might be for you.” These words are written by customers just like you who have found a better way to take care of their carpets. The Dirt Army Carpet Cleaning offers its clients a “SANITIZE FREE” cleaning method which will leave your rugs softer & much fluffier than ever.

Carpet Cleaning Tips

The Dirt Army Carpet Cleaning uses an innovative, non-toxic cleaning solution which is safe for both children and pets. Our chemicals do not linger in the carpet, but rather work deep into the fibers, ensuring that no allergens, bacteria or other pollutants can be trapped within your rugs.

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Our vacuums also do a great job of removing the dirt from our carpets without damaging them or pulling them out of shape. So, we guarantee your carpets will be much cleaner after having The Dirt Army Carpet Cleaning is done to them.

The most popular cleaning method used by professional carpet cleaners is a water extraction system. While this method has worked wonders on the floors, it is not the ideal option when it comes to cleaning the carpets. Carpets have a tendency to absorb the water which is then absorbed into the padding underneath carpet cleaning Murrieta California. This means your rugs will become even more weighed down after using our services and will need to be vacuumed more often to remove all the dirt and soil that has been built up.

The better option is to use the truck mount cleaning machine. It can easily extract the water from the carpet and then use a powerful vacuum to remove all of the soil and dirt from your rugs. The truck mount cleaning machine is so powerful it can loosen some of the dirt that is hidden deep within the pile of soil.

To make sure you don’t damage your carpet, we recommend that you use the truck mount cleaning method only on carpets that are damaged and can’t be rescued easily. If you’ve put a lot of effort into cleaning your Murrieta Persian Rug, then the least you can do is to let it sit amongst the debris in your garage or another room where it will not cause any more damage.

After cleaning the Murrieta carpet in the above manner it will probably need to be shampooed. This cleaning method does require some extra care, as it involves shampooing with hot water. This can actually strip the wool from your carpet, so you will need to make sure that you rinse the carpet thoroughly.

You can also help prevent any problems by using a carpet shampooer that is specially designed for cleaning wool. Another thing to remember is to never use hard water when shampooing your Murrieta carpet.

So in summary, if you want to keep your Murrieta Persian Rug looking new you need to ensure that you clean it properly after every cleaning session. Use truck mounts to clean the dirt and soil from your carpet and shampoo it if necessary. This will help prolong the life of your rug and extend its durability.

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