Are Prescription Drugs From Canadian Mail Order Pharmacies Safe?

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Since the cost of prescription medications continue to grow, consumers are constantly searching for ways to save money on their drugs. 1 such method that has become more and more popular is to get drugs from Internet pharmacies or pharmacies from Canada.

Prescription Drugs

The issue with getting prescriptions in this manner is the drugs you get may comprise the incorrect drugs, contain no active ingredients, or become infected with lead/other toxic agents.

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Though lots of the online pharmacy websites seem authentic and trusted, there’s absolutely no regulation in a state or national amount of those entities improving your health. Hence that the prescription you believe is coming from Canada might be arriving from China, Russia, etc..

Audits from the state of Minnesota and Wisconsin of a Canadian Online pharmacy pointed out important security Issues, for example:

  • Many pharmacies utilized unsupervised technicians to enter medication orders and also to attempt to describe prescriptions.
  • One drugstore didn’t label its products, rather it sent the labels clubbed at precisely the exact same shipping containerto individuals who received numerous drugs.
  • Medications requiring refrigeration were being sent un-refrigerated.
  • Dispensing drugs that was recalled or removed from the marketplace by the fda.
  • Dispensing expired drugs.

The main point is that the possible cost savings of employing these pharmacies don’t outweigh the substantial dangers to customers.

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