Advertising Fleet Washing Services to Businesses

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They’ve corporate aviation sections with pricey jet aircraft and they’ve pool automobiles for transport. If they’re in or close to the transport or goods business they might have fleets of vehicles providing their goods or somebody else.

Washing Services to Businesses

Indeed many tiny companies have shipping vehicles, service vehicles, leasing equipment or business cars pressure washing services. And guess what; these vehicles have their company names and they need to be washed on a regular basis you visit.

Wave, Water, Surf, Ocean, Sea, Spray

Now then in case you have a pressure washing company, cellular truck or cell car washing company you may love to have a few of those accounts directly? However, how can you go about advertising and procuring such contracts to clean those kinds of vehicles?

Well, it’s simple really you have to design client letters for many kinds of consumers and clarify what sorts of services you’re able to provide and clarify your billing standards, wastewater reclamation, and your own insurance coverages. Then you deliver these sales letters using a business card stapled to the letter then call back sometime within the next week to schedule a free demonstration you see? Consider that in 2006.

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