Monday, October 15, 2012

Style Crush: Misty Copeland!!!

Hey guys!! I'm so excited to launch a new weekly feature called Style Crush! I'll be featuring some of my super chic friends and clients in the industry every week and chatting with them about their personal style and fashion obsessions! My inaugural subject is the enormously talented and stunning Misty Copeland!!!
Photo by Greg Delman

If you've been living under a rock for the last 10 years, Misty is a prodigious and world-renowned ballet dancer. She is the first African-American female soloist for the prestigious American Ballet Theatre in two decades! After filming a music video with Prince, she began performing at his sold out Welcome 2 America tour as his principle dancer. Her career accomplishments are too numerous to list but I suggested you look her up. She is incredible!

I sat down with her last week to chat about her impeccable style!
Misty on The Tavis Smiley Show in Catherine Malandrino

Where are you originally from?
Misty: I grew up in Los Angeles, CA.

What is your earliest fashion memory?
Misty: When I was a little girl, I dressed up for Halloween as a ballet dancer one year. I kept the tutu afterwards and kept trying to wear it to school! Now this was way before I had even thought of becoming a ballerina, I just always loved really girly dresses as a kid.

How do you describe your style?
Misty: Feminine and minimal. I like classic and simple pieces. 
At an event in Christian Dior and Christian Louboutin

What are some of your fashion Influences? 
Misty: Living in New York City has shaped a lot of my fashion sense. Also, when I worked with Prince, he encouraged me to dress a bit funkier. He would say, "When you're with me, you're rock and roll!" so that rubbed off on me a bit as well and made me step outside of my comfort zone. When I want to add a bit of funk to an outfit I'll usually venture out with accessories like an outrageous pair of shoes. 
With Prince in Versace

Barney's New York or Bergdorf Goodman?
Misty: Bergdorf's for sure! There's just something magical about Bergdorf's shoe salon! It's so quaint. You may have women elbowing you and literally grabbing a shoe out of your hand but it is the absolute best place to buy shoes. 

Most recent fashion splurge? 
Misty: Last weekend. I bought a beautiful Alexander Wang gown. I absolutely did not need this gown but it was so perfect, I just grabbed it.

Online shopping or brick and mortar? 
Misty: I love shopping in boutiques! Also I'm a small girl but I have a large bust so I need to try things on to make sure they fit. I'll shop online but only for shoes or accessories.

Go to designers?
Misty: Catherine Malandrino, Thakoon, Diane von Furstenberg

Currently coveting?
Misty: This great Yigal Azrouel cropped leather jacket that I saw at Intermix recently!

One item you regret not buying?
Misty: Last season there were these amazing Valentino thigh high boots w/ pink bows up the back that I saw and loved but did not buy. I was so upset when they sold out! But I recently saw them again and am definitely buying a pair this season!

Carry-on or Checked bags?
Misty: Definitely checked. I often travel for long periods of time so there is no way I could carry on everything. I do however take a carry-on of my favorite things that I would be devastated to lose. Once I packed my carry-on bag with only my favorite pairs of shoes, which happened to be all Louboutins. When I went through security, they stopped me and went through my bag in front of everyone. They kept pulling pair after pair of red Christian Louboutin shoe bags out of the suitcase and everyone behind me looked at me like "What is this girl doing with ALL of these shoes ?!" Lol! I was soooo embarrassed! But don't try to come between a girl and her shoes!!!

Learn more about Misty on her website,!!


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