Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Designer Spotlight: Givenchy Spring 2012 Accessories

In addition to having one of the most exciting RTW shows of the Spring 2012 seasonRiccardo Tisci out did himself with his line of shark inspired accessories to compliment the looks for the season! Getting one's hands on the latest Givenchy goodies generally proves a bit daunting however. There is currently not a Givenchy boutique in North America and stores like Barney'sBergdorf Goodman, Jeffrey's, and Kirna Zabete that do carry Givenchy typically don't buy the entire range of accessories leaving a huge gap in what's available. The best way to get an exclusive Givenchy item is to call or visit one of the 3 Givenchy boutiques in Paris!

Ok, let's check out the shoes! Tisci did his brilliant "shark" sandal in lovely pastel hues and different textures for the summer. Notice the slant of the heel as well as the sharkstooth buckle on the lower strap. The metal closure on the ankle strap is also found on many of the blouses in the RTW collection.

He also did the sandal in a lovely flat version..

Onto the bags! Loving the new classic Antigona bags done in metallic finishes for the spring!

The silver bag is EVERYTHING!

More after the break!

There were more metallic finishes for the clutches...

I even love the shark skin pattern of this clutch.
It's kind of creepy, but it works! Hey if you can do leopard and tiger print, why not shark print?

Finally the jewelry. It doesn't get any more literal than this. If you weren't convinced of where his inspirations were, look no further than the sharkstooth necklaces.

He also did these kind of necklace/pouch hybrids that were interesting:

And a simple but modern evening bag in different finishes..

I'm really into this accessories collection! Although painfully literally (no pun intended lol) with shark references, it works! I predict you'll start seeing the sharkstooth necklaces and sandals everywhere in a few weeks!

Here are some of the accessories in action on the runway...

Do you guys like the Givenchy Spring 2012 accessories as much as I do? Or is this collection a bit too literal for your taste?


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